A Year Without Blogging

Browsing my media platforms the other day, I thought to myself. Just how long has it been since I last blogged? The answer is over a year and a half. Originally intended as a short term break, life has had its own way of changing my course. As life evolves, we change, we grow, we develop, we learn. Over my now, almost 4 years blogging. I have aged, and predominantly blogging in natural and organic beauty, I found myself getting less and less comfortable squeezing myself into a niche of young, attractive men and women. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, airs, graces and ages. But you can say I’ve definitely had and am having a confidence crisis.

My belief in beauty is simple, everyone is a beauty in their own right. I advocate the natural beauty, no filters, no Botox, no fake additions or subtractions. But I’m also a hypocrite, as I am my own worst enemy. Scrutinising the changes I see, the weight I’ve gained and the lines appearing at the creases of my eyes. I don’t mean to, I don’t want to. But like so many women, we fail to see the best in ourselves and struggle with the changes we see in our face and body through time.

Through the year and a half not blogging, I diversified mine and my families lifestyle. Seeking a more natural and sustainable way of living. We found solace during the first COVID-19 Lock-down by taking on our first allotment. I home schooled my children, and continued to try and manage my part time job simultaneously working from home.

The allotment couldn’t of come at a better time, giving us drive, focus, motivation and an escape during what has proven to be one of the most difficult times in ours and many peoples lives. In a bid for a healthier more sustainable lifestyle, we grow as much of our own produce as possible. I grow my own flowers to aid pollination of our plants, they aid diversity to the plant life vital for our eco-system and I also take blooms home to enjoy.

My habits at home with skincare and beauty have evolved. For a while I neglected my routines. Struggling with juggling a busy lifestyle, self acceptance, something had to give and do you know what. It didn’t kill me and I’m not looking 60 having not been consistent with it.

Who would of thought 2020 would bring this? Mental health has never required more focus than it has this year. For some, it has been a stressful time presenting many struggles, for others a moment of rest, joy and reflection. While we have seen many struggles emerging from the economic changes this year has presented, with rises in unemployment, industries ceasing trade and huge government spending to support the economy. We have also seen that other industries have grown and flourished to support our vital network, our food sources and our beloved NHS. Some of us have had the ability to change and diversify family life for the better, and as we approach an inevitable second lock-down. Many of us remain anxious and uncertain as to what the future will bring.

I’ve been away a lot longer than I expected. But with a renewed passion for writing, and a diversified approach to the content you’ll see on my blog. I’m glad to say I’m back! and look forward to sharing the journey with you. As always, keep safe and well.

With Love

Lou – Bloom & Well

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