Jessica GELeration; High Performance Gel Nails

*Jessica GELeration; Sky High

Ok, so one of the more exciting Beauty finds for the ingredient conscious ‘cleaner beauty’ advocate is the *Jessica GELeration Gel Nail Range. A salon product used for gel manicures. However, you will also find Jessica GELeration nail polish colours, tools and equipment available on Amazon if you are looking to do your own Gel manicures at home.

Jessica GELeration is slightly different from competitors as this high performance, gel nail polish range is free from many of the ‘toxins’ seen in competitors formulas. Jessica is by no means entirely natural, however if your woman of the world that likes her nails like a good coffee. This is for you. A happy balance between both worlds.

So a little bit about *Jessica GELeration. It is a next generation soak-off gel nail system, created with the nurture of your natural nail in mind, GELeration protects your nails, while offering weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow underneath the gel.

Jessica GELeration offers:

  • Perfect nails for 3-4 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine
  • Durable yet flexible.
  • Non-chip finish
  • No smudging
  • Super-fast drying times
  • Protects the Natural Nail
  • Simple removal – gel overlays soak off in 10-15 minutes
  • No odour, no Formaldehyde, Phyhalates or DBP
  • Can be used with other * Jessica natural nail products for complete nail care.

A little bit About the Jessica Brand:

Founded by female entrepreneur, Jessica Vartoughian in 1969. Jessica is widely known as the ‘first lady of nails’, specialising in natural nail care, unique manicure techniques and effective nail treatments. It is one of the leading brands of the nail industry, used worldwide by salon professionals and at home beauticians alike in over 28 countries around the world with the GELeration range being one of the most popular.

Using and Applying Jessica GELeration:

The Jessica GELeration range was created by Jessica to offer long-lasting nail colour to professional salons, but is also available on Amazon as I mentioned for durable at home manicures. The colour goes on like a nail polish but offers the durability of the gel using a UV light to set the polish. In fact the GELeration range can be worn for up to 21 days without chipping, peeling or fading – making it the ideal choice for the office professional, holiday goer or busy mum alike.

The GELeration range currently features 67 of Jessica’s best-selling custom colours which include pearlescent shades, to matte finish, understated nudes, bright shades, to deep sultry shades and even some glitter tones. With so many different colours and finishes available, it’s no wonder GELeration is so popular.

To successfully execute the perfect manicure. You will

Step 1:

first need to prepare the nail with a good *cleanse, trip, file and shape.

Step 2:

Using the *Jessica Nail Primer to file the surface of the nail from any smooth, shiny texture.

Step 3:

Once satisfied with the length, shape and appearance of the nail, soak a cotton pad with the *Jessica Clarify Solution. This will remove any excess oil, dirt and sanitise the nail for Jessica GELeration.

Step 3:

Apply *START solution to the nail as if it were a polish, which allows the soak-off gel to adhere to the nail.

Step 4:

Next apply *BUILD to enhance the shape of your nails.

Step 5:

Using your selected Jessica GELeration nail polish, apply a *first coat to the nail and set under the UV light for the designated time period and repeat for x3-x4 coats. Times will vary dependent on the watt power and quality of your UV lamp.

Step 6:

Use *FINISH to seal the polish and give it a high-shine gloss and again, set under a UV light with the designated time. Times will vary dependent on the watt power and quality of your UV lamp.

To Remove Jessica GELeration:

buff off the high-shine top layer before using aptly named *ERASE to soak-off the colour with a cotton ball or pad. Wrap the nail in foil and leave for a few minutes. When ready, the edges of your Jessica GELeration will begin to come away from the nail. Work the remaining polish off the nail using an Orangewood manicure stick


Having had numerous Jessica GELeration manicures professionally, I love the look and feel of my nails. The high gloss, durable finish allows me to immediately carry on with my day, do manual tasks and see to the kids without fear.

With fantastic durability, Jessica GELeration by far produces the highest durability. I don’t protect my nails all too well with housework etc and my nails still last between 2-3weeks before seeing very slight damage to the edges.

My nail health isn’t compromised with the manicure and the efficient/ easy removal keeps my nails strong and healthy.

I can’t fault the Jessica GELeration range with the choice of colours to performance level with uncompromised nail health. I’ve chosen to now purchase the kit for at-home manicures as with time I will save so much more by doing it myself, and its very easy to do.

How do you find Jessica GELeration? And will you be trying it?

Post Jessica GELeration Removal

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