Probiotic Bodycare From Gallinee Beauty

Gallinee La Culture Body Milk & Facemask

Gallinlee Beauty is a new brand that has recently come onto my radar thanks to Love Lula. A beautiful brand that focusses on tailor making skincare formulations to look after your microbiome (the collective of micro organisims in your body) through a complex, yet entirely natural mix of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid. Otherwise labelled as a triple action biotic complex.

I previously went into some detail on the benefits of Probiotic Skincare in a recent post, which you can catch here. But in short, probiotic skincare cares for your skin in the way that probiotics care for your internal gut health, and is in many foods such as specialized yogurt drinks. It works by creating a healthy microbiome, good healthy bacteria that care for your skin or your internal health. Restoring balance, health and harmony to damaged skin, while eradicating the bad. All of their products contain this patented triple action biotic complex which includes prebiotics, probiotics and Lactic Acid.

Probiotics: are micro-organisms that are beneficial to the body with their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Probiotic skincare is perfect for acne prone skin as well as those with rosacea and eczema.

Prebiotics: are beneficial to the body with their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Prebiotics reduce flare-ups and prevent premature aging, as well as being a good food source for bacteria, and being beneficial to recalibrating the skin microbiome, encouraging the growth of probiotics

Lactic acid: is probably one well known acid produced by muscles within the body when you exercise. That awful feeling of pain or discomfort when you’re really pushing it! BUT, when it comes to skin. It’s a key component in your skins function. Lactic acid will encourage reinforcement of your skin’s barrier function which in turn reduces the amount of water loss from your skin keeping it better hydrated and happy

Love Lula very kindly sent me two products to try and review, the La Culture Body Milk, and the La Culture Face Mask & Scrub


Gallinee La Culture Body Milk

La Culture Body Milk:

The La Culture Body Milk is a super lightweight and silky milk with some gorgeous ingredients like sweet almond oil, aloe leaf juice, horse chestnut & lactic acid. When I took a look at the ingredients initially, I was baffled. There are some long and complex words! But in short, 93% of ingredients are various natural biotics and basically (EWG Database rated) Low risk synthetics to condition the skin. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the synthetics, as to be honest I don’t understand it. However, they are all low risk, skin conditioning agents that have a very low risk of irritating the skin. What is positive is that this body milk induces 103% plus skin hydration within just one hour, and from using this for the past 2-3 weeks, I have to say it is really beautiful to use with a remarked difference to my skins health.

I’m not the best with good body care as I have the tendency to be lazy by throwing a good quality bath oil into a bath to do the job. But this body milk has been a welcome change and a delight to use. It absorbs quickly into the skin with minimal effort, is non-greasy and super lightweight. Perfect for summer and high humidity where some heavier creams can have a tendency to feel heavy or suffocating.


Gallinee La Culture Facemask & Scrub

La Culture Face Mask & Scrub:

The La Culture Face Mask & Scrub is a lovely dual action facial product that applies first as a mask for 10-20 minutes and then exfoliator. Advised to be used twice a week, this mask is intended to brighten your complexion through the active ingredients it possesses, and exfoliating action. With ingredients such as olive seed powder, sea salt, lactic acid, various natural biotics and basically (EWG Database rated) Low risk synthetics. It’s a nice product that works well. There are a couple of fair risk ingredients on the EWG database, and these are mainly emulsifiers and other ingredients this brand feels are needed for the product. I am not the most knowledgeable on ingredients, so I go by EWG risk scores for ingredients to judge whether I am comfortable using a product. I’m not too uncomfortable here as my skin is not overly sensitive or easily irritated. This was a nice product to try, and did the job nicely.

Have you tried Gallinlee Beauty? If so I’d love to know what you’ve tried. Let me know and we can exchange views Xx

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