5 Ways To Tackle Anxiety, Naturally

*Bach Rescue Remedy

Anxiety is a beast that rears its ugly head from time to time. It’s a condition that most of us will be affected by in our lifetime to variable degrees. I have suffered with Anxiety since my teenage years. Finding periods of my life filled confidence and self-fulfilment, followed by enormous waves of anxiety that cripple your confidence and induce terrible moments of paranoia and anxiety. It takes real dexterity and self-control to pull yourself from the darkness and back into a state of reality.

I have always treated my anxiety through medical advice and only with natural remedies. So I wanted to share with you some of my top pieces of advice to combat your anxiety naturally.

Step Out of the Box

Anxiety can sometimes feel like a box with the highest of walls. Its useful to break habits and step away from the norm in order to obtain mental clarity. Close off the demons in your head. If you feel like your sat in a room full of people who are talking about you, take a break and head out for a good mindful walk. Whatever the weather, listening to the elements of the outside can bring a real sense of calm and focus while you walk. The rustle of the trees, the birds singing or even the rain tapping on your umbrella. Dark, damp weather can seem dull and grey. But take peace in the sounds of the earth being nourished and imagine washing away your troubles.

Lets Talk

Don’t suffer in silence. Talking to a family member or friend who knows who and your personality well re-enforces how unreasonable and unfair your thoughts may be and bring clarity to how unkind and harsh you may be being to yourself. Someone who knows you, your demons and your vices help instil confidence that you can actively move away from these thoughts. Reassurance is a great help during times of uncertainty and a family member or fiend can be a great aid at helping analyse your current situation and provide a clear and objective stance on the situation.

The Power of Flower Essences

There are so many great brands out there that produce anxiety related products to aid periods of anxiety. I often take solace in Bach Remedies, as an oral tincture. A natural blend of flower essences designed evoke a desired feeling dependent on the essence taken. I have *Rescue Remedy, a flower essence to comfort and reassure. In short, flower essences are believed to contain intrinsic energetic healing properties. They do not rely on the aroma of the plant in order to transfer benefits.

The Aid of Essential Oils

Neom Organics Essential Oils & Diffuser

Essential oils used in a diffuser are also great aids for anxiety. Lavender is a great aid for anxiety, so much so that researchers at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust, Reading, used it on patients in the intensive care unit. Several studies have shown that it can be hugely beneficial to patients who are sleep deprived. 

Inhaling Rose Oil promotes calmness and reduces any tension that you may be feeling and Ylang Ylang Oils both calming and uplifting. It is one of the best essential oils to use if you want to boost your emotional wellbeing. It can reduce your blood pressure and has mild sedative qualities too. Frankincense Oil has a rich, warm aroma. It can lift your mood, boost the oxygen supply to your brain and stimulate the limbic system, helping to bring your emotions back into check. Adding to your bath should help relax both your mind and body. Geranium Oil, with a sweet scent similar to roses, geranium oil can help you replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Many believe it can help restore hormone imbalance too.

Jasmine Oil This essential oil has been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety symptoms. Studies have shown that Jasmine can stimulate your brain to improve your mood and energy levels. It can also calm your nervous system. 


Headspace App; An aid to Meditationh

Meditation has been used for centuries as an aid to stress and anxiety. A tool to bring calm to a busy and sometimes chaotic life. With meditation, you can use the quietness of your mind to surround and subdue chaos. I use a little helpful app called ‘Headspace’ to aid my meditation. Its a simple tool that does what it says on the tin, aids you to the right headspace and guides you through meditation step by step.

Find a quiet place, pop on your headphones and breathe a sigh of relief. Headspace is with you all the way to calm the mind, to destressing the body. Allowing you to release negative energies out into the atmosphere.

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