Pinks Boutique: The Spa Level Experience

The Secret Beautique

A lot of skincare users I know have trialled and loved the Pinks Boutique Organic Skincare range. However, to put a little light on this spa level range. I wanted to share my experiences of my Pinks Boutique full facial that I had at The Secret Beautique in Cirencester.

Now, having already experienced the Pinks range and interviewed Kirsty & Luke Sherriff back in 2017. I already knew the performance level and wonderful experience that the range has to offer. However, put this in the hands of a fully trained, licensed beauty professional and Pinks Boutique takes on an entirely new level of experience and performance.

Pinks Boutique Skincare

I suppose before we jump right in, and for those of you not familiar with Pinks Boutique. Pinks Boutique is a Soil Association certified organic, complete spa level skincare range with the love of Asia in mind. While you will find Pinks Boutique in many online stores such as Naturisimo. Pinks is specially formulated and curated as a professional spa range that is truly natural and organic. Something very difficult to find in most spa’s, however it does exist. At a fast growing pace, Pinks is now largely available in high end, luxury spa’s and beauty boutique’s throughout the UK including The C-Side Spa at Cowley Manor. To locate a spa near you, simply use the Spa locator on the Pinks Boutique website here.

Spa Level Therapy Review: The Pinks Signature Facial.

The Pinks Signature facial is a truly luxurious experience at 1 hour 45 minutes for £75.00. I attended the Secret Beautique Spa in Cirencester, a beautiful little boutique nestled near Cirencester town centre. Aptly decorated in a dark, sultry décor throughout the therapy rooms in an Asia themed retreat. With a beautiful stock of Pinks skincare, a hair dressing salon and a wonderful selection of Lily Lolo makeup. It’s a lovely place to treat yourself to a quiet moment of indulgence.

I met my therapist and was welcomed with a warm pot of tea suited to my skin type, hot towels, foot soak and an organic foot scrub fully prepared. The treatment is described as a luxurious treatment, involving being deeply cleansed, deep -cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and masked on both sides of your body. Each stage of the facials a sensory delight with aroma-changing water, elixir sprays and deliciously scented scrubs, masks and moisturisers in either fresh, restorative lemongrass and mandarin, the powerful anti-oxidant Japanese Ocha or skin repairing and calming Organic Rose.

A description never does a luxury treatment justice. I was first introduced to my therapist, where we began with an in-depth discussion of my skin’s condition, behaviour and general areas of concern and as such, the appropriate parts of the range were chosen for my treatment. As I suffer with typical combination skin, prone to the odd hormonal breakout. The Lemongrass and Mandarin Cleanser was used for my double cleanse using a warming soft facial cloth. The cleanser was gentle massaged into my skin to deeply cleanse in the most soothing and relaxing way, followed with the warm cloth being placed over my face in order for the steam and heat to open pores and further cleanse before being wiped off.

My exfoliating cleanse followed with the Bamboo and Oatmeal Facial polish, a super fine and gentle exfoliator with beautiful nourishing qualities. Skin is gently massaged while warm scented steam fills the air, followed by the Green Tea & Camellia Mask.

In an honest answer… I forget some of the order of my facial as I was just so relaxed. But at some point a beautifully relaxing foot soak and massage takes place. Something that actually added a new level of experience to the treatment.

Every good facial also experiences a soothing neck and shoulder massage, where I chose the Rose & Jojoba Body Oil. This not only further relaxes the mind and body, but increases circulation and lymphatic drainage to aid a detoxifying element where toxins are freely released from the body.

An incredible steam machine is set where your spritzed with your chosen facial mist and set to rest with your face mask. I had the Lemongrass and Mandarin. Essential oil aided steam fills the air for a set time. I do think I fell asleep at this point. Either that or a deep relaxed slumber.

Once complete, my therapist resumes the facial with the Pinks Boutique Anti Ageing Serum to aid my ageing skin, as I am prone to dry areas of skin with some slight wrinkles around the eye.

It was simply the most relaxing and beautiful facial I have every had and worth every minute. The Pinks Boutique range truly takes form in its professional setting and performs on an entirely new level. My skin was left feeling soft, plump and ultimately awake. While my mind and body truly at ease and relaxed.

With your facial tailored to each individual need, there are a number of different facials and treatments to choose from. I cant wait for the next.

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