Travelling Short Flights with Beauty Products

Afternoon lovelies. Today I blog to you mid flight! I’m on my way to Sweden for a short break and a friends wedding and thought this would be a great opportunity to talk beauty products and travel. Now, you may be thinking Lou, I’ve already got this. I’ve been abroad. BUT when traveling on a short-hall flight such as Ryan Air. What you can take on board and how you travel is compromised greatly and is very different. Long haul flights are no issue as you can pack most of your beauty products in your luggage that will revel in cargo. But, when it comes to short flights to European destinations where you can take just one small piece of hand luggage and a hand bag. The rules change greatly and preparation is key.

Firstly, short hall flights will only allow small liquid products that contain less than 100ml measure, check. When you pack your beauty products, make sure you differentiate your bags between liquid and solids. Solids pose little or no issues with travel and can be packed in a bag within your handbag. Liquid substances must fit into one single, clear plastic bag (which are readily available before departure of you need one). Be careful. I have just lost a few products here. Call me a rebel, poorly prepared or just a bit slap dash, but I did not follow these rules. Completely anyway. I tried my best. I’ve mentioned before, but I am not the best at travelling light and I have to say I complied as closely as I thought possible to this. Where I went wrong was not differentiating my liquid and solids products. All my products were sample and travel size (under 100m100ml), complying with regulation. However, they did not fit in one plastic bag and let me tell you, you will not have any lenience. So remember:

  • Differentiate solid and liquid products.
  • Pack your solid products in 1 clear bag. These may need to be checked so I would recommend storing in a bag within your handbag.
  • Pack your liquid products in a 100ml or less containers (or in original packaging if the product packaging is 100ml or less) in a different clear bag.
  • Place ALL liquid products from creams to foundations in just ONE clear plastic bag.
  • Play smart. Don’t take aerosol deodorants or liquid. A solid deodorant stick such as Elsa’s organics will save space in your liquids bag.
  • Pack light. Don’t be me. Packing to cater my indecisive nature doesn’t pay off… Bye bye makeup!
  • Have fun. It’s a fun trip, pack multi-purpose versatile products that can serve several purposes to save space and time.

What Did I Take With Me?

One thing I have to mention is the products I’ve taken with me (and didnt have taken off me. I know. It hurts). While I didn’t scrimp on my makeup bag, taking just about everything. I feel I did pack very well in the Skincare and haircare department.


For my haircare I chose to decant my Lavera shampoo & conditioner into small clear 100ml bottles. Works well, complies nicely and I get to maintain my natural & organic standards.

I then chose to take the Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo in travel size. It really does travel well, does the job nicely and helps keep hair fresher for longer.


For cleansing, hydration and general bodycare. I took the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm. A real skin savour. With a gentle yet effective formula. This balm not only cleanses using a warm Muslin cloth, it can be used as a moisturiser or facial mask to hydrate, nourish and sooth your skin.

I also used this as a post shave balm. After shaving my legs I’m often a little itchy, red and irritated. But apply the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm. My legs were soothed, calmed and left silky smooth. It is simply the best post shave treatment for calming and soothing any irritation, and with its quick absorption, light and non greasy formula I loved the feel of my legs.

I also chose to decent a simple rose floral water from Zenon Cosmetics into a smaller size spray bottle to keep me refreshed and hydrates through travel, but to also aid my skincare routine. You really cannot go wrong with a nice floral water which kept me feeling fresh.

As a multi purpose treatment, I also took the Pure Argan Oil Company argan oil. 100% pure, certified organic argan oil. With fantastic benefits to our skin, hair and nails. Thus handy travel size was ready to go and a pleasure to use on my skin during my skincare routine. Its such a light and beautiful oil that isn’t greasy, absorbs quickly and really produced a nice benefit to my skin. I felt my skin was hydrated, a little brighter and was well prepared for my makeup routine.

My samples of my Flower Spice Modern Apothecary were a lovely travel companion. I used the Flower Spice Modern Apothecary Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator as an evening treatment on night two to keep my skin refreshed, with the Flower Spice Modern Apothecary Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturiser as a morning hydrator. Both absolutely stunning products, rich in texture and deeply nourishing.

For my bodycare, I simply took a stick of Elsa’s Organic Natural Deodorant, which you know my love for as it is one of the best on the market for odour protection, and as it is a solid stick. Will save on your liquid bag allowance.

That was all I really took for my skincare routine, and it worked perfectly. Just as well being as in I didn’t do so well on the packing front in other areas.

Have you traveled short European flights before? Let me know your beauty product experiences with travel. Look forward to speaking to you soon

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