Sleep Beautifully

Ever have trouble sleeping? Research suggests that a lot of our sleeping issues come from too much activity & stimulation before bed and not enough down time or focus on winding down for the night.

Its hard after a full day. But here’s a few tips that may help you just get the best sleep, using all natural aids:

  • Turn off your TV. At least an hour before bed. It provides cognitive stimulation that inhibits sleep. With this in mind, relax in the quiet for a short while and just listen to your breathing. Take lovely relaxed breath’s and think of breathing out as pushing away the nasties of the day.
  • Avoid that glass of wine (or two). Alcohol may help you get to that dosy stage where you can drop off to sleep easily, but it wont let you get that all important deep sleep your looking for as the affects of alcohol will leave you in a lighter REM state of sleep. Have a chilled water with some cleansing lemon & lime or a nice warm chamomile tea.
  • Write everything down that bothered you. Writing down your thoughts or a to do list is a great form of release and allows you to express your emotions, cleansing the mind for that all important good nights sleep.
  • Establish a Relaxation Routine to help you prepare for sleep. Run yourself a nice bath, light some candles & prepare relaxation music that will relax you. Music apps such as Spotify & Apple Music hold a wealth of pre-prepared playlists to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Instil a Good Routine. Instilling a ‘trigger’ for bed is a great way to prepare mind and body for the next stage of our day. As creatures of habit, getting good sleep is all about routine, routine, routine.
    Preparing your brain and body for sleep, letting yourself know that it’s time to wind down. Then in the morning set a time to get up and stick to it no matter what.
  • Natural Aids for Sleep. Having a natural sleep said with essential oil bases are a great way to relax the mind, destress an promote calm. From Pillow Sprays, to Diffuser Oils & Bath Salts. Here are a few brands and products paving the way for you to sleep beautifully

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