Promoting Wellbeing and Self Care in Beauty

You may wonder why so many of us boast the benefits of Health, Wellness & Self Care in our Beauty Regime. As Natural & Organic Beauty advocates it’s become all too clear that some (well, a lot actually) of your conventional skincare & makeup is packed with ingredients that are detrimental to our skin and internal health & Wellbeing. 

Promoting better health, wellness & good self care is actually a massive impactor of our ‘beauty’. Both internal & external factors impact upon our health & appearance, from what you eat, to what you drink, to what you choose to put on your skin to how much exercise you do. External environmental factors cause a lot of toxins to enter the body or cause stress, anxiety or even issues with your sleep. Everything impacts our beauty regime, and Beauty truly is more than skin deep. Take care of yourself & you’ll shine. 

I haven’t spoken massively on the impact of our diet or exercise as a part of our Beauty regime as to be honest, I would be a hypocrite. This is a massive and crucial area of continual improvement in my life, and as many of you know having children or a career impacts greatly on our ability to care for ourselves correctly. I’ll be open & honest when I tell you that my diet, my exercise regime and how much I drink are an absolute mess as I’m dashing around seeing to the needs of others. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love caring for my family and being the mother and the wife that my family deserves. But along the way so many of us put ourselves on the back burner, often grabbing any quick and easy morsel of food we can find to fill the whole as we seek to achieve our goals in the day. It shouldn’t be that way, having a family is a massive change in life & for me it’s about creating balance. Focusing on ourselves a little more than we do, eating right, drinking right & getting that half an hours worth of exercise can transform us from a tired, exhausted & emotional mess to that energetic, happy go lucky individual we strive to be. Execution is key, I haven’t gotten there either don’t worry.

Small incremental steps are the key to success. I’ve broken mine down into manageable objectives:

  • Drink
  • Diet
  • Exercise 

It’s a realistic plan with 9 weeks in mind. 3 weeks to master each goal & make it something we don’t even need to think about.

Week 1-3: Drink Focus & Reducing Sugar

This week we’re going to look at what we drink in a day. Evaluate its use, health value, sugar content & generally look to drink as much water as possible. I’ll be swapping caffeinated, empty calorie, high sugar drinks for water & infuse these with natural fruits for that little extra taste.

I’m terrible for not drinking enough water, so each room in the house has a 500ml bottle of water. No excuses. The goal is to try & drink all of these to achieve the 2-3 litre a day goal.

Week 3-6: Diet – Reducing Fat & Sugars

I’ll start be looking at my diet and looking to switch to quick, healthy alternatives that fit in with my lifestyle. Lean meats, reducing carbohydrates (not eradicating them) & making a massive step to eat 10 portions of fruit & vegetables a day. A great piece of advice I was given is that your plate should resemble a rainbow. Half of the plate will be stocked with fruit and/or vegetables with the other two quarters equally distributed between lean meats and carbohydrates.

Week 6-9: Exercise – Getting More Active 

Quite possibly my biggest challenge. I do a lot of walking anyway, but with carrying around a heavy 10 month old and dashing around after the kids. I often collapse in a heap come 8 O’Clock. The goal here is to start with the goal of exercising half an hour each day. To start off with I will be mainly

Focusing on getting some sort of exercise, as let’s face it. Anything is an improvement over nothing. Walking, a jog/run or a little yoga. Using Youtube is a great tool for finding beginners tutorials to ensure correct  activities are carried out with the right posture. 

Once I’ve become adjusted to the routine of exercise I’ll start to evaluate areas of improvement and target parts of my body I want to combat, and with that coordinate my exercise in accordance.

Are you with me? Here’s to a better, healthier and happier you. Good Luck Xx

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