New and Noteworthy For Breakout Prone Skin; Inner Senses Deep Blue C Facial Oil

The Inner Senses Deep Blue C Facial Oil is the latest release from Inner Senses. With a growing range of face and body oils, Lisa has devised a rich and aromatic range deeply routed on a wealth of aromatherapy knowledge and experience.

Inner Senses Deep Blue C is a daily treatment oil specifically formulated to help manage, prevent and heal oily, breakout prone and sensitive skin. Based on the greatest of healing oils such as Black seed, Pomegranate, Turmeric and Tamanu, combined with a trio of potent blue oils giving this gorgeous oil its meaningful name. These  blue oils include Blue Yarrow, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile, which incorporate the powerful anti-inflammatory chamazulene, to calm irritation. Along with this, vitamin C-rich antioxidants, Prickly Pear and Baobab help heal, regenerate and protect the skin, whilst revealing a smoother, clearer and more toned complexion. Specifically made to target breakouts, I was kindly sent this oil to try and review based on my problematic hormonal breakouts.

Hormonal breakouts are among one of the frustrating things in  life that a woman will have to deal with. Relatively fluctuating and calming with cyclical hormonal changes, these type of breakouts are among one of the hardest to treat as breakouts are mainly due to internal factors. But this doesn’t mean you cant actively treat the inflammation and attempt to address the route cause, Treating the route cause of hormonal breakouts will widely be affected by diet, but can also be aided with supplements, aromatherapy oils and of course our skincare. The extent at which you take your treatment to is entirely a personal choice with busy schedules, internal and external stress factors playing a huge part in our successes. The trick is to take small steps and relish in the small successes.

I have suffered with hormonal breakouts for a long period of my life (excuse the pun). Like most women, breakouts are cyclical and the severity of the breakout is very much dependent on the month. My problem areas tend to be my jaw line and my neck. No I’ve used Inner Senses Deep Blue C in a couple of different ways for the past 2 months. While this isn’t a long period of time in the grand scheme of a woman’s cycles, the results seen in this period of time are definitely note worthy.

I have used The Inner Senses Deep Blue C pretty much daily solely on my neck and jaw area as this is where the problem lies, and I didn’t want to waste this oil on areas where it wasn’t needed on my skin. I gently massage between 3-6 drops into the  neck after cleansing, and advice states to use morning this oil and evening for optimum benefit. One other way to use this oil is within any powder formed face mask twice a week. The oil will only add to the masking experience and aid treating the skin. You can either add a few drops to the mask along with a good floral water or just form the mask with this oil.

The Results:

From the two months use I can say that although the frequency of my breakouts weren’t really reduced, the severity and ‘angry nature’ of my breakouts has been reduced.As you are actively treating the skin from the start of the breakout, this oil will actively aid reducing inflammation, calm any aggravation and aid the healing time significantly. My breakouts didn’t last for half as long as they usually do and went relatively quickly by comparison to previous months.

I’m really pleased with the way this oil works with my skin and find it to be a fantastic addition to the Inner Senses range. Inner Senses Deep Blue C retails for £42.00. I cant wait to hear how you get on.

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