Flower Spice Modern Apothecary; Making Waves

One of the latest graduates from Formula Botanica has hit the natural and organic beauty scene by storm. Flower and Spice Modern Apothecary is a gorgeous, skin food based skincare range with three products within the range. If ever there was a brand launch to follow, its this one. Founder Karmen Novak has really shown us how its done and I for one am so impressed.

Art lover, science enthusiast and skincare formulator. Karmen Novak has lovingly formulated Flower and Spice with nature in mind, each Beautiful package in-scripted with the phrase “Your little piece of nature” and as a brand asks us to trust the power of nature. This is so true. This range is formulated on some of natures greatest assets, from rose, to colander, to prickly pear, aloe vera and arctic oat extract to name just a few. We have a beautiful array of herb and botanical oils, spices, natural butters and food sources to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin.

Of The Flower and Spice Range, you will find:

  • The Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum – approx £94.50
  • The Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturiser – approx £64.80
  • and The Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator – approx £76.50

The Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum:

A deeply rooted aromatic blend of rose and corriander, pure magic. I love a sensual experience with my skincare and this beauty leaves no stone unturned. Deep, rich, aromatic and packed with phytonutrients to deeply nourish, hydrate and restore. With 10 harmonising oils from Prickly Pear, to Plum seeds, to Macadamia, Evening Primrose, Apricot seed and Argan oil which hydrate skin, refine skin texture and deliver a powerful blend of antioxidants while stimulating collagen production. Skin elasticity is boosted by unsaturated fatty acids, high levels Vitamin E. Finally Coriander Seed Oil soothes inflammation and prevents irritation, leaving your skin calm and glowing while Rose Absolute eases your mind.

With the depth and potency of this stunning facial oil, You really are intensely treated in mind and body. The perfect evening facial oil that is kind, gentle and extremely effective. A unique composition from competitors, Flower Spice Apothecary’s Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum is setting the pace and possesses an immense fan base already.

The Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturiser Rose and Corriander:

The lighter counterpart to Flower Spice Apothecary’s Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum is based on the same rich and intense rose & coriander base with prickly pear and aloe vera. Described as a warm hug on a winters day, it’s the perfect morning moisturiser with a non-greasy texture. Coriander Seed Oil cocoons skin alleviating irritation, using nutrient-rich botanical oils to hydrate and replenish you complexion for a refreshed face. With prickly pear seed oil which is rich in antioxidants to combat environmental stressors and encourages Inflammation is calmed instantly with a cooling infusion of Aloe Vera and Rose water, leaving your skin silky, soft and glowing while regenerating Arctic Oat Extract adds an extra boost of smoothness and tranquility. Petal-soft, healthy looking skin is recovered.

Used morning or evening, it’s a hydrating hit of fast absorbing ingredients that actively work. Perfectly prepared skin is instant. I love the diverse formulation that draws on herbal sources like coriander that have a real awakening effect.

The Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator Lavender and Fennel:

Now, for a lot of people, The Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum is the bell of the ball. And believe me, it is absolutely stunning. But personally the Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator steals the show. A micro fine formulation that fellow blogger Ana from Ana Goes Green perfectly described as an at home micro-dermabrasion like treatment. It’s a sublime blend derived on lavender and fennel with AHA fruit acids for a double exfoliating action. AHA Fruit Acids and gentle Bamboo Buds safely and effectively slough away dead cells while keeping its moisture levels at their optimum. Lavender and fennel essential oils work to increase circulation and prevent acne, leaving skin looking healthy and toned. AHA fruit acids reveal a smooth finish for that instant glow.

When you look at the additional ingredients such as shea butter, grape seed oil, bamboo stem extract with blueberry, bitter orange, lemon extract and sugar maple to name a few. You can easily see how nature is drawn upon for an effective and instant result.

My favourite product and now go-to exfoliator. With the winter elements there is nothing better than an efficient yet gentle exfoliator that’s going to care while cleanse dead skin cells.

Overall a diversified range of fantastically formulated products. I can see completely how and why Karmen’s brand is collecting such a fan base and growing with quick succession. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this brand and see where the range grows to next.

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