A Wellness Retreat at Home

Wellness Retreats are a fantastic way to ensure we are taking care of our mind, body & spirit. I often see wellness retreats pop up that I would love to do, however the busyness of day to day life often inhibits our ability to do such events and at times, cost. So we’re going to plan the perfect Wellness Retreat at Home using the very best natural & organic beauty available.

You may be wondering what a wellness retreat has to do with natural or organic beauty blogging. Well, its a proven fact that such retreats reduce stress & tension. Both of these affect our daily life from our sleep, to our skin & our facial expressions. Releasing stress & tension improves your physical & mental wellbeing leaving you rejuvenated, empowered, stimulated, yet relaxed and they offer a wealth of clarity so that we can move forward positively in life. Of course, no wellness retreat is complete without a little pamper, so we’ll be packing in some great treatments to cleanse, detoxify & restore glow from the inside out.

In order to execute the perfect Wellness Retreat, you’re first going to have to plan ahead:

  • Make sure you have a free day. Book an annual leave day or grab a weekend that’s just for yourself.
  • Make sure you set the right mood in your home. Clean up, de-clutter & stock up on the necessities.
  • Prepare your zone, aromatherapy oils, a burner, candles & lighting all play a part in the day. Make sure you have everything you need.
  • Food & Drink: Stock up on herbal teas, fruit, vegetables & the ingredients you need to prepare healthy, balanced & mood enhancing meals & snacks for the day.
  • Materials: Music, YouTube tutorials & most importantly, Beauty Products for your treatments!
  • Set a loose schedule for the day.

Here is a schedule I use for the perfect Wellness Day. Tweak here and there what is needed to suit you:

I will leave you to plan your snacks & meals to suit your own dietary requirements, likes, dislikes & I have only made suggestions here to inspire. Your exercise is laid out in a way to stimulate your senses, and I hope I have selected well for you to enjoy. As for your treatments? Lets delve in & I will advise on some of my great favourites that are rich, skin loving & oh so gorgeously rejuvenating for you.

But  before that, aromatherapy. It has a wealth of power to create moods, balance hormones, empower, while setting the perfect mood in your home. I use a diffuser to burn essential oils,. Its cost effective, long lasting and much more eco-friendly than burning wax. Don’t get me wrong, I adore candles. However a diffuser is just so much more effective & cleanses the air. I have a Soto diffuser from Neal’s Yard that lasts for hours & is smooth & sleek. Some great aromatherapy oils I can suggest for you are the Neal’s Yard ‘Women’s Balance Blend’. A wonderful aroma blended with relaxing patchouli, uplifting geranium, nurturing rose and rejuvenating frankincense to relax, calm and restore balance to your body and mind. Rose & geranium is meant to help to take the edge off your emotions giving you inner clarity. The Neal’s Yard ‘Calming’ Blend, again its a wonderful aroma. Blended with chamomile, restful mandarin and grounding bergamot to relax and calm. As you can tell, I live on blends & Neal’s Yard are my favourite (Shop Here).

Your Treatments:

Your Morning Body Cleanse & Skincare:

Relax in your warm morning shower & cleanse with a beautiful and natural body wash. I love the Green People Quinoa & Calendula Shower Gel (Shop Here) for its cleansing & nourishing properties. Once complete we’re going to do a dull body cleanse ritual using the Pure Purpose Wheatgrass & Lemongrass Coffee Body Scrub to exfoliate & detoxify. Coffee scrubs infused with aromatherapy oils create instantly noticeable improvements, from exfoliating, to anti-inflammatory properties, a temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, reducing puffiness, and smoothing skin. Rub your Pure Purpose coffee scrub all over your body & rinse to leave your skin perfectly sooth & glowing. Once you’re finished in the shower, choose a skin food oil like the Bodhi & Birch Sicilian Rose Body Oil (Shop Here) to deeply nourish your skin & improve your glow. Bodhi & Birch’s range is packed with a blend of skin food oils and the finest essential oils to leave your skin positively radiant.

Last but not least, massage a gorgeous body lotion or butter (pending preference) like the Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Range to moisturise nourish and protect the skin for the day ahead. Body butters are heavier than lotions so may not soak into your skin so quickly, however are very nourishing. I’m advising all products that I know and own here as they are tired, tested and I know offer impeccable performance. The Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Range is a luxurious, organic body butter. Made with nourishing shea butter, fair trade organic honey from Mexico. It’s uplifting, sun ripened Italian and Mexican oranges, leaves skin velvety soft, nourishes with its rich essential oil content & lifts the spirits (Shop Here).

Your facial skin needs a morning wakeup. Cleanse with a gently facial wash like the Neal’s Yard Deliciously Ella Range to release bactueria & impurities that have built up overnight, tone with the Rose Water toner & finish with the Deliciously Ella Daily Moisturiser. Packed with skin food, this duo to give your skin a natural radiance, with the decadent scents of rose, lime and cucumber, this beautifully facial wash & light moisturiser are perfect for all skin types (Shop Here). The Rose Toner balances, cools and hydrates normal and sensitive skin types (Shop Here).

For the eyes, I swear by the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye cream to reduce dark circles, reduce puffiness and nourish my eyes to reduce the signs of ageing (Shop Here).

Your Mid Afternoon Mani/Pedi:

Begin the ritual with a bowl of warm soapy water, or shallow bath (where you can sit on the side) to wash your feet. Use a sugar scrub, like the Freyaluna Tea Tree Foot Scrub to deeply cleanse & refresh your feet (Shop Here). Massage rigorously to remove hard & dead skin. The essential oils within the scrub will begin the nourishing process.

Pat your feet dry with a towel and move to a comfortable place to moisturise with a good balm like the Herbfarmacy Skin rescue Balm,  to relieve most skin ailments effectively (Shop Here). I also used the Feyaluna Lavendar & Rosemary Body Oil for a deeper treatment here & its super sensal with its gorgeous fregrance! Leave for 5 minutes to allow the moisturiser to absorb. Select your colours for your mani pedi. I always use Maggie Anne Nail for its high gloss and durable finish (Shop Here). Free of the top 6 toxins found on the nail market, its one of the ore natural nail polishes on the market. Finish your treatment with a top coat and relax with a good book while they dry.

Your Evening Facial:

This will be your ultimate treatment to finish the day. Luxurious, lavish & perfectly rejuvenating to unwind, cleanse & deeply nourish the skin in preparation for the skins repair process overnight.

I feel an evening routine benefits greatly from a rich cream cleanser to get deep into those pores and remove the days grime, while beginning the nourishing process. That’s why I have selected the Freyauna Collection, after all. The range is used by therapists across the UK & it is absolutely divine! Head over to the website to find your cleanser that suits your skin type (Shop Here)

Once you have cleansed, we’re going to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, increase circulation & promote a healthy glow. For this I have selected the Green People Orange Blossom Exfoliator to help restore your complexion with its skin firming properties & high vitamin content (Shop Here).

A good clay facial mask draws toxins from the skin while working to balance your skins oil production. For this we’re going to use the Bloomtown Black Blay Tea Tree Treatment Mask formulated with anti-bacterial tea tree oil and white willow bark extract. Its a natural pore-exfoliant that will detoxify, blemish breakouts and balance oil production (Shop Here).

We next need to tone the skin using a lovely rose water to begin the hydration process, help balance the skin and finally draw out any remaining grime. As its already in our collection, we’ll stick with the beautiful Neal’s Yard Rose Toner (Shop Here).

To deeply treat our skin beneath the surface, we’ll use the Freyaluna Facial Oil range & gently massage onto damo skin for maximum benefit. To get your best match, head over to the freyaluna site (Shop Here). Leave this to soak into the skin for around 5-10 minutes before closing your routine.

Closing the routine should end with an indulgent & rich Moisturiser/ balm that will intensively treat & protect the skin overnight. I adore the Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser as its simply aromatic & deeply rish with the most beautiful blend of shea butter, black seed oil, jojoba, frankincense & may Chang (& much more) (Shop Here). Use sparingly & massage in small circular motions into your skin. Don’t forget the neck area!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed every moment of your at home wellness retreat. Let me know how you got on & any feedback x

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